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     On the railways of former Soviet Union , including on Georgian railway, automation systems creating and basing began in seventies. 

     At first, in the technical department of the railway was based an electronic laboratory including seven members, its main purpose was to base a small mechanization in accounting processes (arithmometery, calculators).

     In 1973, on the   base of abovementioned laboratory was created an information computing centre with structure recommended by ministry of   rail communication.

    The statistical tasks had carried out before nineties by the large sized, high noised, half automatic tabulators. The share of handworks was enough big to receive, prepare and processing the information.

    Mass using of the computer and information-computing centre revival began from the second half of 1996. The computer network was created, nowadays,  in the net of the information-computing centre are joined the  computers of  “Georgian railway” departments and the main  enterprises with remote penetration. 

   The measures are carrying out for development of Georgian Railway computer network.

    The subject of activity of the information-computing centre is:

  - To receive,   process  and saving  the information.

 - To prepare corresponding reports on the base of the received information and their furnishing to the railway structures according to their requirements;

  - To change the information between the information-computing centers of the railway administrations, the neighbor railroads, Georgian railway stations, structures and organizations.

  - To Process and inculcation the technological projects of control and registration automation systems and their corresponding software. After its renew with modernization conditions on whole railway scale.

  - Technological processes automation control existing in railway on the units, in the stations and enterprises.

 - Technological and technical support of the computer networks and systems existing in the railway.












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